Everything you need to know about call blocking.

How to Block Your Number

You might want to know how to block your number from showing up on someone’s personal phone. This could be for a variety of reasons. These numbers appear as caller IDs. For whatever reason, the task is simple to block your number from the eyes of another. There are two ways to accomplish this: one is to permanently block the number. The other way is to block your number temporarily on a call-by-call basis. Either option does not require you to purchase a costly cell phone blocker. The process is quick, free and relatively simple. However, toll free numbers (1-800) and emergency 911 cannot be blocked so this must be kept in mind.

Why You Might Want to Block Your Number

The number one issue to block your number is privacy. There might be a need to block the number from reaching a friend, even a close friend. It’s not the friend who might be the problem. It could be a friend of the friend or family members who borrow the phone and sneak into the caller ID list out of curiosity or to deliberately obtain someone’s private number. In this case the friend can be notified of the intended phone block and reminded to physically record the number and store it in a safe place. It is not unheard of for someone to snoop through a private phone that does not belong to them and obtain private information.

Many people make calls to businesses, such as repair shops, stores and answer newspaper advertisements and TV and radio ads. These can be simple question and answer phone inquires with no product or service purchases intended. However, many aggressive businesses may record your number and use it as a potential customer contact and make several sales calls. This happens frequently on the Internet when investigating an advertized bargain, free trial service or even filling out a fast and free survey. Unbeknownst to the customer, a cookie or spyware tag can be placed on the IP address which results in a series of unwanted solicitations. Even a partial contact and deletion can still give your identity away, and if you’ve called the service or business, chances are your number has been added to their contact list. You may decided to block your number for any of these reasons.

A scenario might involve a situation where a close friend, or otherwise, owes you a sum of money, a promised favor or a long-overdue borrowed item. Naturally, if the recipient has been evasive about the debt in the past they will be inclined to ignore or delete the call. If your caller ID is not identified, chances are they will have to answer.

A person might want to keep their phone number from showing up in the event where the two parties have had a lover’s spat or terrible misunderstanding. Blocking the number just might give love another chance or reconcile a needless argument.

Permanently Blocking a Phone Number

You may wish to know how to block your number permanently. To do this, call your phone provider and ask for customer service. Then ask to have your line completely blocked, inaccessible to all. This is called a “line block.” The number to call from your cell phone for a line block in the U.S. is 611. In the event that you would like to allow a certain recipient to view your phone number, even though you have requested a line block, you need to dial *82 and then the number you’re calling. Using the *82 option will allow the number to appear on the other end just once. For example, you would call *82 (222) 222-2222, with no spaces in between the numbers.

Temporarily Blocking a Phone Number

You may need to know how to block your number temporarily. This can happen if you need to make repeated calls to a location and not appear as a nuisance or stalker. You may not wish a certain business to record your number. For a temporary block on a call-by-call basis, dial *67 before the number. It will look like this: *67 (222) 222-2222. Use no spaces—this will block your number. You will not receive any type of message or confirmation that this has worked, but you can try calling your home phone number or another caller ID phone to see if it is blocked. The phone on the receiving end usually displays a “private number” message.

Another way on how to block your number is by using a caller ID spoof service. This procedure displays a different number and name rather than your own. This service must be used cautiously since the company may operate illicitly and actually provide you with a real number belonging to someone else. Investigate the spoofing service company thoroughly before using it. You can also obtain a call forwarding service. Incoming calls will come from another number and connect to your real number without divulging the real phone number.

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